About Us

Liberator Ltd is a world-leading supplier of products, training and support for communication, inclusion and independence.

Our aim is to help you achieve the best communication possible for the people you support, whatever their age or ability.

Our mission is:

To help people with disabilities achieve their potential in educational, vocational, and personal pursuits.

This is achieved by:

Providing quality language and assistive technology products and services to people with disabilities, their families and professionals.

The manner in which this is done is by:

Treating each person with whom we interact with the highest respect.

Our products include the most powerful and flexible communication aids, early learning software, adapted toys, switches, computer access devices and classroom resources.

Communication aids range from simple message recording systems to the powerful dynamic display and static keyboard devices that support Picture WordPower, Minspeak and text-based programmes. All are highly flexible, easy to programme and backed by a strong warranty and support package.

You can call on our Product Specialists and Customer Support team to help you with product evaluation, assessment, trial and implementation, and for help developing the skills you need to measure communication success.


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