Russell Cross Seminar - Sydney 30th July


AAC and Language (Re)Boot Camp

It's Not About the Technology: In this one-day seminar, Russell will look at Language Representation in AAC, Unity and Data Collection

Having spent literally half his life working in the field of AAC, Russell Cross has seen technological solutions that have gone from suitcase-sized spelling devices to speech-generating devices that can be operated by brain control. But the real challenge in not in the machinery but the understanding and application of linguistic principles to the user interface. No matter how smart the technology, the role of the AAC specialist in teaching augmentative communication has never been more important. And the “language” part of Speech and Language Pathologist is critical.


In this one-day seminar, Russell will be “going back to basics” and looking at the following topics:


  • 3-elements of Designing an AAC Language System: Vocabulary, Representation, and Navigation.
  • 3-types of Vocabulary: Core Words, Fringe Words, and Key Words.
  • Symbols: Sets and Systems.
  • Unity®/Minspeak®/Semantic Compaction: What’s It All About?
  • Descriptive Teaching: Using Core Words When Fringe Words Aren’t Available.
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Realize Language: Turning Data Into Pictures
  • Online Resources: Free and Not-so-free.


Along the way, Russell will provide hints and tips for using common desktop software programs (such as Microsoft Word and Excel), specialist language analysis software (WordSmith 7), and free AAC support software (PASS) to enhance your practice. And there will be lists of references to take away!

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