PASS and Chat Editor Software

PASS Demo Software;

PRC Application and Support Software (PASS) is free software that allows you to create, modify, and save vocabularies and load them into your communication device. You can also use PASS to create support materials, such as cheat sheets, manual boards, and vocabulary lists. AAC support professionals use PASS to work on their client's device contents without needing the device present

Some examples of things you can do;

  • Create a picture of the overlay
  • Create Cheat Sheets
  • Make printable picture strips
  • Make hard copy print-outs of pages - manual boards
  • Create text-with-picture documents
  • Create environmental labels
  • Create a Vocabulary Sort (icons and words) of the words you are using
  • Create Icon Card sets

Click here to download device-specific software from the Prentke Romich web site



Chat Editor Software;

Chat Editor is a supplemental program that has been provided for customizing the NOVA chat vocabulary on your Windows desktop or laptop computer. Although customizing is also possible on the NOVA chat device itself, the Editor allows the family and/or professionals to customize the vocabulary when the NOVA chat device is not present.

Note:  Having the custom vocabulary on a computer is always recommended as a backup to the NOVA chat device

Device and Editor Differences

Chat Editor is not intended to function as a speech generating device. It is a support tool for modifying the client’s vocabulary so that the client can continue using the device while modifications are being made. 

Dialog boxes will appear slightly different and a couple of the options are modified for the computer. The Editor displays menus at the top of the screen, and NOVA chat displays them on the bottom.  When you are editing and accessing menus on the NOVA chat device, pressing and holding on the screen opens context menus. In Chat Editor, right-clicking on the vocabulary window will open context menus for editing

Chat Editor

Click here to download the Chat Editor Software






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