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Below are links to some useful You Tube Channels that provide product tutorials/webinars, useful resources etc.


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Prentke Romich Company - Because Communication Is The Essence of Life.  Learn more about Prentke Romich Company, our products and services.


Minspeak - Minspeak is a way of representing language in a communication device.If you show people a picture of something simple, like an apple, they will naturally associate more than one idea with that picture. People usually say the most obvious idea first apple but then they start associating more ideas fruit, red, eat, bite, and hungry. Minspeak takes advantage of this natural tendency by using a small set of pictures to represent a large number of words in a communication device. Minspeak is an effective and efficient language representation method that promotes independent communication. With a small number of pictures called icons the person using Minspeak can independently communicate a large vocabulary without having to spell or to learn and navigate through a large set of pictures.


Gail Van Tatenhove - Gail is a Speech-Language Pathologist who specialized in working with children and adults who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems. Her specialty area is with Minspeak systems. She is also the author of the Pixon Project Kit.

Also from Gail her latest presentation Core Counts.  Click here to view the you tube video.


Liberator UK


Only God Could Hear Me - Starring and narrated by Chris Klein and Jennifer Lowe, 'Only God Could Hear Me' offers a portrait of the lives and souls of 'non-speakers,' looking beyond just how they communicate, into why they are driven to do so. follow several AAC users as they navigate the daily challenges of their disabilities. Brought to you by Bruce Baker and Semantic Compaction Systems, the creation story of the 'Minspeak' method is told in parallel.


Willows Communication Journey - A Short clip made by a mother for the Minspeak Conference on her daughter Willows communication journey


Shayla donates her device - A little girl who The Center for AAC and Autism profiled as a success story a couple of years ago has become verbal and just donated her device to help another child.  

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