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These stories offer information about Australian users experiences with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) and their communication success. Success Stories can be submitted to Liberator by a person using a Liberator device or their parent, caregiver etc. If you would like to provide a Success Story please contact Nigel Duckett, Managing Director on 08 8431 5478 or email



Joseph Harrall

My name is Joseph Harrall and I have an Accent 1400 which is a piece of me, it goes everywhere with me.  The best feature is the feeling for me to be able to say something about what is on my mind.

Spelling comes easy as I use the icons for all my schoolwork and communication, and if I can’t find a word I just icon and tutor it.  I taught myself on how to use my device and believe you should teach yourself because I believe the best teacher is you Click here to read more of Joseph's story




Hello I am Ace Bryans, I am 16 years old, I am in a wheelchair and I live with GA1 a Metabolic Disorder and Dystonia a movement disorder so I can’t control my muscles. Because of that I can’t talk with my mouth but I have a special computer called Accent 1400 with eye-gaze, it follows my beautiful brown eyes and this is how I use it. I use it for everything and without it I don’t have a voice

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10 year old Joshua has an Intellectual disability and Dyspraxia which is a motor planning difficulty that affects his communication as well as his gross motor skills. Even though he is able to say some single words now, it is very challenging for him to put sentences together and it is not always easy to understand him. In the past, he has tried a few different methods to assist his communication but his family felt that he needed something new and more effective

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Taylor is a student at Aspect’s South Coast School in Corrimal NSW. She is developing her verbal communication through the Minspeak-based LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning) programme. There has been undoubted success, not just in terms of language use but also in Taylor’s behaviour & demeanour.

Click here to see Taylors video

Click here to see Taylors grandparents interview





Willow's Story was published in Sept 2013 in PEPTalk in Tasmania, where Sallyanne (Willow's Mum) shares her personal journey on a quest to ensure that Willow is enabled to reach her full potential in life.  A big part of the journey with Willow has been communication.

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Mel Smith

Mel has recorded some great  videos because she wanted to show people how Minspeak allows you to communicate quickly and spontaneously in real situations. She says "It also helps that I have people in my local community who value me as a customer and give me time to use my Vantage Lite. You can see how quickly I can compose my message and I can say whatever I want to say.”

Click here to see Mels videos at home, the florist and the bank on our YouTube channel


Johann Wiebusch         

Johann Wiebusch

It’s always been there in his eyes – they laugh at the funny parts, they show he understands everything.  But for the first 8 years we struggled to really know what he was thinking.  We tried a lo-tech PODD system for ages – his favourite item to select was ‘It’s a secret’, but never much more than that.  We tried a hi-tech device using switches, but in his enthusiasm to communicate, his tone would go crazy and he couldn’t isolate more than one switch before getting totally stuck.

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Kingsley Henry         

Kingsley Henry

Kingsley was diagnosed at about 9mths with severe developmental delay and dyspraxia (and much later autism) and all his milestones were severely delayed.  At 3 years old he’d begun to walk with a frame but still preferred to crawl and his speech consisted of “Mama”, “Baba” and grunts, eg, “Uhh”.

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Click here to view videos of Kingsley in action with his device


Adam and his Vantage Lite         


This is Adam.  He is a young man who loves his family, computers, cars and The Price Is Right.  He also has autism and intellectual disability. 

Adam is a nonverbal student at Northern School for Autism who for many years communicated using the picture exchange communication system.  He was able to request a range of items during different school routines and activities but he often presented as passive and disinterested in communicating.

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Joseph Reynolds         

Joseph Reynolds

Joseph is 9 years old and received his Vanguard in 2011. Joseph previously used a PODD book that was transposed into a Dynavox entailing many hours of work but unfortunately this did not provide the option of spelling or sentence writing.

He now generates language with the Unity 60 sequenced MAP, and uses a combination of Minspeak (icon sequences) and spelling to say whatever he wants to say.

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Caroline Rigby         

Caroline Rigby

My Eco Story

My name is Caroline and I have Cerebral Palsy and I am 13 years old.  I have a Eco with 144 buttons, I've had my Eco 1 year.

I love my Eco because so better my old communication device.  My Eco it help me to talk with my friends and family.

It makes me feel independent, because I can say what I think.

By Caroline Rigby


Jess Kelly         

Jess Kelly

Jess has used a Vantage since grade five to access the curriculum and to produce written responses, expressing her knowledge and understanding.  Having a device loaded with Minspeak has taken away the frustrating and time consuming alternative of spelling out what she wants to say letter by letter.

In the early years of having a Minspeak AAC device, Jess looked upon it purely as a tool to be used at school on the Gold Coast.  Yet, when she needed to upgrade her device, she chose a Vantage Lite, due to its compact size and familiarity.

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ECO2 User - WA

Until recently when my student's communication device needed to be sent away for repair, I had no idea just how much we had both come to rely on the device during our day at school.

I was thrilled when we initially had the opportunity to be involved in a trial of an ECO2 voice output device in late 2010. I could see immediately how this device would make a difference to how my student could communicate with me. I didn't realize at the time just how much difference and in how many ways the ECO2 was going to change our day at school.

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Caytlin Weir         

Caytlin Weir

My name is Caytlin Weir, I am twenty-one and I was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Growing up, I went right through mainstream primary school without a communication device, using just a communication board to communicate and do my school work with. With the help of my family and therapists, I got a DeltaTalker in 1999, when I was in Year 6. Due to people at the primary school being unfamiliar with assistive technology, I didn't really start to use my communication device until Year 7. That is when I became an individual and started to grow as a person

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