Communication In Action

Below are a selection of links to videos, blogs etc that are both useful and insightful! See and read about devices in action using a wide variety of access methods and the power of Minspeak.

Corescanner in Action

Ronish is just totally chatting it up on this video! It really demonstrates the high level possibilities for even the littlest kids when they engage with language via the Core Scanner access method

Be amazed at just how well a child without vision can communicate using the unique Core Scanner approach based on Minspeak 

Let's Talk AAC Blog: Communicators In Action:

PRC Ambassadors are real people who share their stories of everyday life as a person using AAC.  Click here to read these blogs on the AAC Language Lab web site.

Joseph Harrall, an AAC device user here in Australia also has his own blog.  Please click here to read Joseph's stories.


You Tube and Minspeak:

Minspeak Logo

Did you know that there is a YouTube channel dedicated to individuals who use Minspeak. This is a great way for your children to “see” other people who are successful Minspeak users. And a great way for you to share your successes.

Join the YouTube community and then subscribe to the Minspeak YouTube channel. To subscribe to the Minspeak YouTube channel, point your web browser to and select the "Subscribe" button. You can also "Favorite" or "Like" or "Share" your favorite Minspeak videos while you are at the Minspeak channel.

You can also view the Önly God Could Hear Me video on this channel.  There are also some great videos on Chris Klein who is a real Minspeak Success Story.


LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning):

LAMP Video

This video clip shows SLP therapists & students interacting very effectively at the Trellis School in Maryland, USA.  This private school for children with autism has undergone LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning) training.  Prior to that the entire staff was immersed in the linguistic structure & clinical application of Minspeak. You will see Liberator devices in action, utilizing the unique Vocabulary Builder software feature to carefully introduce core vocabulary for generalization while still following the child’s lead - Please click here to view


Ace's speech at the Minspeak Australian Tour Melbourne, 2015

Ace Costi at Minspeak Tour

At our Melbourne Minspeak presentation, we were honored to welcome our guest speaker, Ace. Ace presented using Minspeak on his Accent 1400 (with eyegaze), and blew the audience away with his presentation - which was moving, informative, and on many occasions, hilarious!  Take a moment to watch his video, and check out his YouTube channel - 'MrAcieboy'. Thank you for sharing, Ace!



Mackenzie and Minspeak

Mackenzie and Minspeak

Mackenzie Kench has used AAC tools and strategies most of her life.  As part of a University assignment she had to create a 10 minute documentary.  Mackenzie says: "I decided to do a documentary about Minspeak, because many people I meet are baffled by how I communicate - Please click here to view


Mackenzie Kench from New Zealand has used AAC tools and strategies most of her life. As part of a University assignment she had to create a 10 minute documentary. Mackenzie says: “I decided to do a documentary about Minspeak, because many people I meet are baffled by how I communicate - See more at:  Please click here to view video

The Language Stealers:

Language Stealers

If you haven't already seen this funnily serious video clip then lock your eyes on to the screen.  It cuts straight to the point and emphasises the truisms encountered every day by everyone working in the field.  It's even more powerful since it's been made by those who really do know what they're talking about.  Enjoy!   Please click here to view.


Jennifer Lowe:

Jennifer Lowe

Jennifer Lowe is one of many Minspeak success stories. TV Station WQED in Pittsburgh, PA produced an inspiring video about Jennifer Lowe, the history of Minspeak, and use of AAC and Minspeak in a classroom in Brookline, Pennsylvania. Please click here to view


Communicating with Minspeak:

Kingsley at the Beach

Watch how Aussie Minspeak User Kingsley communicates, to help his 'team' to support him, and to help to educate people about AAC and people with little or no speech.  Click here to view Kingsley's You Tube Channel to see various videos of him in action including "Funny autistic kid talks with device and screams", "Kingsley AAC Independence of Communication", "The Importance of Modelling", and "Joking about food and discussing where and when to eat".


Chris Klein

Chris Klein

Christopher Klein, one of the world’s foremost AAC communicators, has posted two new YouTube videos of himself in action. Chris has cerebral palsy and uses his toe to access his speech generating device. His device uses a Minspeak® language system. The PEC clip has Chris responding in a spontaneous, unscripted manner to rapid fire questions from parents & therapists. His replies are insightful, deep & at times refreshingly humourous. The LEAP clip is a piece constructed using Minspeak, split into sound bites. Chris advocates strongly for competent, experienced AAC users to be included in other AAC users’ life journeys. He believes there is a definite role for such to play in terms of inspiration & support, especially during traumatic times of transition like going up to high-school, leaving school, & leaving home.

Questions and Answers on strategies using Minspeak - Please click here to view

Skyping at PEC 2013 Q&A session -  Please click here to view

Kent ISD LEAP Keynote 2013 transition & mentoring - Please click here to view

"Building relationships through the Tools of Communication" - Please click here to view

Chris Klein and others use their communications devices to talk about learning and using Minspeak for augmentative communications. Please click here to view. 


See how Minspeak can really deliver:

Peter Zein

Featuring with kind permission Jennifer Lowe and Peter Zein (who uses Bliss Symbols) at the Pittsburgh Employer Conference in the USA. Please click here to view.


Preschool Children Using Minspeak;

Sloan using his Vantage Lite

Beau using his Vantage Lite

Beau learning to use pronoun phrase via LAMP strategies to do craft

Using Language Acquisition through Motor Planning Techniques with Sloan - This is a video of part of a speech-language therapy session with 3 year old Sloan. He is using a Vantage Lite from Prentke Romich Company to aid his expressive communication since his verbal speech is severely compromised by Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Techniques from Language Acquisition through Motor Planning are shown to teach single words to Sloan. See for more information about these techniques

2 Year Old Second Day using Vantage Lite - On his second day using the device, two-year-old Sam uses the Vantage Lite to say "stop," "go," "play," "eat" and "yum" during an OT and speech co-treat session.

2 Year Old Using Vantage Lite (LAMP Therapy) Video 1- Ty is learning to use the word "up" to be lifted up to be able to see a favorite video.

2 Year Old Using Vantage Lite (LAMP Therapy) Video 2 - This a short clip of one of Ty's first LAMP therapy sessions using the Vantage Lite in the spring of 2010 at Helping Hands Center. He is learning to say "go" to request a favorite video .

2 Year Old Using Vantage Lite (LAMP Therapy) Video 3 - This was Ty's first session trying out the Vantage Lite in April 2010. He is learning to say "go" to ask his mom to tickle him in his first LAMP therapy session


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