Device Trial Scheme

We're very happy to lend you equipment for short term trials and assessments, under our supported loan service.  We will offer support services  to provide initial product training and help you get the most out of the loan.

Normally Liberator trial periods are for 4 weeks, however due to unprecedented demand for our large pool of trial devices Liberator has had to reduce the trial period to 3 weeks. We are hoping this will only be a temporary measure.   Please bare with us and work in with this new arrangement as we seek to turn around devices more rapidly and serve a greater number of dedicated therapists and families in the field.

Please click here to complete our Online Trial Agreement Form or alternatively to download and read our Trial Agreement Form click on this link - Trial Agreement Form

Please return the Liberator trial form to Mel at Liberator Customer Support  email She will add you to the waiting list and then confirm receipt of your form and advise you of waiting times on devices if applicable. If you need to discuss trial conditions and available equipment please call her on 08 8211 7766.

All equipment trials are free of charge!  Liberator does, however ask customers to cover the cost of returning equipment.  The list of equipment currently in our loan pool of equipment is as follows;


Liberator Rugged 7  



Liberator Rugged 7 (7")


Accent 800  



Accent 800 (8")


Accent 1000  



Accent 1000 (10")


Accent 1400  


Accent 1400 (14")


Accent 1400 with Nu-Eye  


Nu-Eye Eye gaze (used with the Accent 1400 or Accent 1000)

      Novachat 5.2          




NOVA Chat 5.2 (5")

 Novachat 8




NOVA Chat 8 (8")


NOVA chat 10





NOVA Chat 10 (10")

NOVA chat 12



NOVA Chat 12 (12")

Chat Fusion 10




Chat Fusion 10 (10")





Quotation valid for 30 days from

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