Product returns - for repair

Liberator  provides a fast and reliable service facility for customers with Prentke Romich and Saltillo products throughout  Australia.

Please read the following carefully - and help us keep your  costs as low as possible, by observing these simple requests:

If you have any questions about any of the following, please contact Liberator Customer Service on telephone 08 8211 7766 or email

Talk to us

As a first step, phone or email our staff.  Some problems can be resolved without the need to send the equipment to us.

If the problem can not be resolved remotely it can be returned to us for repair.

Preferably you can download and print a REPAIR/SERVICE request form using the link below.


Or include a covering letter with the following information:

  • A description of the fault.
  • Your contact details
  • The date of purchase if the repair is to performed under warranty
  • Any special instructions such as confirmation of receipt of the device
  • A Repair Number if one has been issued

We will inspect your unit and provide a quote for repairs.

Send devices to:

265 Gilbert Street,
Adelaide  SA 5000

Please return equipment to us clean

This equipment has been given to you in clean condition.

However, Liberator's shipping and technical staff often receive equipment for return or repair that is contaminated by unidentifiable substances.

Before these devices can be repaired by our technicians or loaned to another customer and to avoid risk of cross infection, they must be cleaned and possibly decontaminated. This increases costs, which may result in us charging you for cleaning the device.  It also delays repairs.

Cleaning tips

To clean a device prior to returning it to Liberator, please observe the following:

  • DO clean the outside of the device with an alcohol-based wipe or cleaner
  • DO notify us if the device user has an infectious illness
  • DO NOT pour water or any other liquid over the device
  • DO NOT immerse the device in water or any other liquid
  • When devices are returned to Liberator which require cleaning we will be obliged to charge you up to $50 for cleaning. We may also be unable to offer you a free loan device in future, if the last loan device was returned 'dirty' by you. 

Returning equipment to Liberator

Please help us reduce damage in transit and the number of failed deliveries / collections by our couriers, by observing the following:

  • Correct packaging - please always retain the packaging that was supplied with a device from Liberator and re-use it to return the device to Liberator. The special carton is designed to prevent the device from being damaged in transit
  • If you no longer have the correct packaging, please try to find suitable replacement packaging, as a charge may apply if the device is damaged in transit because it was inadequately packed.

Liberator's Technicians will note any parts that are in the box when they book your device in for repair and we will make a note of this and return the correct parts accordingly.

This device is in Shipping Mode!

The returned device (either your own or the trial) has been placed in shipping mode to preserve battery life and prevent it from turning on during transit. To remove it from shipping mode, press the power I/O button until the device comes on.

Quotation valid for 30 days from

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