Technical Support

If you experience a problem with any product supplied by Liberator you are welcome to contact our Customer Support team by telephone or email.


Prentke Romich Devices (e.g. Accents, Nu-Eye, ECO2, EcoPoint, Vantage Lite, Springbaord Lite) - For after hours or self help support don't forget that for Prentke Romich (PRC) communication aids there is also a huge amount of information on PRC's web site, accessible 24 hours a day, at

Please not that the Liberator-14 is called the ECO-14/ECO-2 on the US website


Saltillo devices (e.g. Novachats, Alt Chat, Chat PC Silk etc), there are helpful how-to-articles and support topics and also downloads of user manuals, quick reference guides etc (under the Downloads English section) on the Saltillo web site at

Liberator products (e.g. Liberator Rugged 7)


Email: For programming support or technical problems email:  quoting your name, phone number and any device serial number.

Telephone: Please call our Technical Support Line on 08 8211 7766 for help, please have your device and charger on hand if possible.


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