Training (tutorials & webinars)

Product Tutorials

Learn how to do the most common operations and programming on Liberator Products.  Please know all tutorials are updated as new software releases occur.


Accent Line of Products (Accent 800, Accent 1000, Accent 1200 & Accent 1400);

Examples of topics covered include;

  • Entering and Exiting the Toolbox
  • Locating and Activating the Setup Key
  • Locking and Unlocking the Toolbox
  • Switch and Replacing User Areas
  • Choosing a voice
  • Correcting the Pronounciation of a word
  • Memory Backup
  • Key Activation Beep
  • Increasing/Decreasing Text Size in Message Window
  • Disabling On-Screen Toolbox, Help Keys and Pull Down Menu
  • Auditory Prompts ON-OFF
  • Closing a Notebook
  • Core, the activity row and pages in Unity
  • Personalising a key in the Activity Row
  • Taking a Photo
  • Hiding Activities in the Activity Row
  • Finding words with Icon Tutor
  • Turning Vocab Builder ON-OFF
  • Making a New Page
  • Linking a Page to a key in pages
  • Adding Background Colour to a key




 Accent 1000


 Please click here to go to the Prentke Romich You Tube Channel to access these Product Tutorials


PRC NuEye Learning Series;

Examples of topics covered include;

  • Welcome to NuEye
  • Positioning
  • Calibrating
  • Making Selections
  • Communicating

 Accent 1400 with NuEye


Please click here to go to the Prentke Romich You Tube Channel to access these Nueye Video Tutorials


CoreScanner for Accent;

 Examples of topics covered include;

  • Introducing CoreScanner
  • Loading the Program
  • The Levels



Please click here to go to the Prentke Romich You Tube Channel to access these CoreScanner Video Tutorials 



On Demand Product Training

Take interactive self-study classes or view recorded webinars at a time and location convenient for you


Current Products
Previous Products
YouTube Video Tutorials


Click here for the link to the PRC On Demand Product Training Page

  Self-Study Courses



Novachat Trainings - Recorded Webinars and Video Tutorials

Saltillo are excited to announce that their NOVA Chat Training Webinars are now recorded and posted on their web site. You can watch them at your leisure!


Recorded Webinars include

  • NOVA chat Overview
  • NOVA chat Basic Customisation
  • NOVA chat Advanced Customisation
  • NOVA chat Windows Editor Overview

Click here to go to webinars


Video Tutorials include

  • Intro and Exploration of WordPower/Chatpower Vocab File
  • Buttons Actions Overview
  • Profiles Overview
  • How to update your device
  • Download and Installing Chat Editor
  • Import Pages from one vocab to another
  • Connecting Novachat to a Realize Language Account
  • Stories and Scripts Tutorial
  • Copying Data Log File from Novachat to Computer
  • Keyguard
  • Scan Editor
  • Switch Scanning
  • Headpointing (Chat Fusion only)
  • Chat Editor Tips

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  Novachat Webinars



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