Pet Corner

Pet Corner

Liberator’s team of loyal assistants are working tirelessly around the clock. These furry friends are ensuring the Liberator team is in good spirits, that we leave no food scraps in the office and that we are taking regular movement breaks! They are yet to grasp the concept of social distancing.

Orlando and Tiffan

<p><strong>Assistant to Nigel</strong><br><br />SOUTH AUSTRALIA</p> <p> <p>Orlando & Tiffin hard at work, or is it Trump & Obama?</P>


<p><strong>Assistant to Jo</strong><p></p>NEW SOUTH WALES</p> <p><p>She wandered into our home one day as a stray, and decided that we would be a suitable option for long term residence. </P>


<p><strong>Assistant to Leanna</strong></p><p></p>NEW SOUTH WALES</p> <p><p>Jack the fluffy ripper (Schmoodle) enjoys putting his toys in the bed of his favourite human of the day. His special dog tricks include being able to find all his humans regardless of where they are on the property (he is a bit anxious!) and fetching specific toys correctly on command.</P>


<p><strong>Assistant to Ace</strong><br><br />VICTORIA</p> <p><p>This is Bella, love of my life she makes me smile every day. The picture was my first ever hug of her.</P>


<p><strong>Assistant to Joey</strong><br><br />WESTERN AUSTRALIA</p> <p><p>Here are a few pictures of my dog Rosie. She likes to get dirty! Rosie is the Queen of dirt!.</P>


<p><strong>Assistant to Merryn</strong><br><br />NEW SOUTH WALES</p> <p><p>Mack, NSWs largest and drooliest canine trying to avoid working for the day.</P>
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