Meet Ace, an incredible young man who uses an Accent 1400 with eyegaze and the Unity vocabulary.

"Hello I am Ace Bryans, I am in a wheelchair and I live with GA1 a Metabolic Disorder and Dystonia a movement disorder so I can’t control my muscles. Because of that I can’t talk with my mouth but I have a special computer called Accent1400 with eye-gaze, it follows my beautiful brown eyes and this is how I use it. I use it for everything and without it I don’t have a voice. 

I can get on the internet by myself too and I couldn’t live my life how I want without it. Dystonia cause me pain 24 7 but I am still happy because I know I wasn’t put on Earth just to feel sorry for myself oh no, I was put on this planet to make a change and that is what I’m going to do. My Accent1400 will help me to do public speaking which I would like to do that for a job when I am little older or maybe to be a bug tester for these special computers but I don’t think bugs would taste very nice ha ha ha. No really I wouldn’t be the same without this computer I think I would be sad all of the time because I couldn’t say I love you mum or say how I feel about stuff, but I think the worst thing would be if I couldn’t say get lost, to my five older sisters, I would have to try and pull my hair out ha ha ha.

It wasn’t all easy at the start trying to learn how to use Minspeak, it did my head in at the start but now it is easy as counting to 3 all thanks to my mum. My mum made me use it a little every day so I did and then I started to like using it more and more every day because I was starting to understand how minspeak and sequencing worked, well just look at me now. I am awesome!, as you know ha ha ha. I had an operation in March to have a pump put into my body to help with the pain and muscle spasms I was having 24 7, it hasn’t been long but I am feeling more relaxed and it is easier to use my computer. I guess I will be more awesome than before ha ha ha.

I will try my hardest to help people with disabilities, especially talking and showing them that they can make their lives better by telling them and their family about me and how being able to pick on my sisters made me try harder at learning Minspeak. I do have to remember to be nice to them because my battery will run out, then who’s going to put me on charge? Ha ha ha. Well that’s just a little about me and how I can show people me by using this computer.

Check out Ace's AGOSCI speech below!

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