Charlie is 8 years old and uses a Liberator Rugged 7 with LAMP Words for Life. Charlie’s mum recently shared these exciting communication moments with us.

“We went to go to the beach this morning and he said "Wait drink want", so we stopped and gave him a drink before we went to the beach!”

A few days later:

“I was excited about the asking for a drink before the beach but yesterday afternoon we had an explosion of communication! It was raining, and he wanted to go on the trampoline.  The support worker was asked several times, "go trampoline, on trampoline".  She said no, because it was raining. 

“When I got home it was "mum, mum, mum, go, trampoline".  The "mum, mum, mum" got played on replay several times. We had a toilet request, just "toilet” - BUT the most interesting part was when I was going to take the support worker home. It was raining, and she had come without her car. Charlie was in the kitchen, we were in the adjacent room. I said to my other son that I was going to drive her home in the car, so could he watch Charlie for 5 minutes. Charlie comes in with the Liberator "go car now, go car, go car." We took him in the car to drop the support worker home. Charlie was very impressed! Not so impressed when I came straight home after dropping her off!”

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