COVID-19 Briefing Update & Telehealth How-To

COVID-19 Briefing Update & Telehealth How-To

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Liberator’s prime focus is to safeguard the health & well-being of all its clients & customers. Restrictions as to operations will depend upon government instructions & advice, complemented by the company’s own dynamic analysis. Liberator will be continually listening to the preferences, counsel & advice of device users, parents, speech pathologists, teachers & various allied health professionals.

Liberator’s field staff is experienced, knowledgeable & highly professional. It is extremely aware of & sensitive to the health issues at stake, especially for all vulnerable people relying on AAC. The overall aim is to be creative & original in determining new ways in which staff can work with professional colleagues & parents to support trials virtually. Liberator staff are already adept at employing telehealth techniques remotely & can draw upon a fabulous array of resources. Thus, Liberator is confident, yet realistic, in its ability to assist in the process of helping all actors in the AAC community when it comes to general support, trials of equipment & direct therapy.

All staff at this moment remain perfectly healthy. Any hint of illness will result in immediate insulation from face to face activities. Liberator has a relatively large staff, based in all States, & is therefore ideally placed to adjust to the new reality. Liberator speech therapists are able to respond dynamically to your needs, as more time is freed up through schools barring “external” visitors. Redirected travel-time can now be applied to virtual support & guidance, as warranted. Staff has access to the GoToMeeting software suite that caters for multiple attendees across multiple sites.

How is Liberator protecting you?

  • Liberator is continuing to uphold its extremely high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in relation to device sanitation and handling.


  • Whether it is a new product, trial equipment or a device repair, all items are thoroughly disinfected coming in & out of Liberator headquarters in Adelaide.

What does COVID-19 mean for Liberator support?

  • Consultants will still be conducting visits when requested.

  • Online meetings are being recommended whenever possible.

  • Training events such as LAMP workshops and AAC Awareness Days are still going ahead as planned. If there are changes to these events, you will be made aware with reasonable notice. Full refunds will be given if we are forced to cancel.

What does this mean for trials?

  • Liberator understands the challenges faced by clinicians visiting vulnerable clients in their homes.

  • Trials are still able to be conducted in person. If clinicians are unable to visit families in their homes, then we encourage the practice of Telehealth.

  • Supporting a family through a device trial externally can and is still an effective approach. However, additional aspects should be considered. Some of these include how to better collect information, how the family will access supports and parent skills needed to be learnt prior to trial.


  • Liberator is offering clients conducting Telehealth practice, 3 free online meetings to help set up and support these trials. It is recommended this takes the form of a pre-trial training meeting, mid-trial support session & post-trial evaluation.

  • To support clinicians in Telehealth practice, Liberator has put together the information package below.

Telehealth Device Trials

Speech Pathology Australia’s position on Telehealth:

  1. Consider if Telehealth will be suitable for your client’s family. Additional skills are needed for this type of practice.
    • An understanding and capability to use computers independently.
    • Skills in modelling and prompting without support of a speech pathologist. This may need to be taught prior to commencement of telehealth.
    • Accurate and consistent low-tech and/or high-tech data collection.


  1. Download or access screen sharing technology. Some common options include:


  1. Speech pathologists, & parents/carers, can download our free software packages, below, onto home PCs/tablets & work laptops These exactly emulate the vocabulary systems found on Liberator devices. So, when using a screen sharing platform you will be able get involved remotely, demonstrate features & even control functions.


  1. Telehealth can virtually replicate onsite sessions prior to device trials by parents & their children, through adhering to identical key elements:
    • Setting SMART goals that are meaningful for the client
    • How to model and prompt using a communication device
    • How to conduct intervention activities as specified by the speech pathologist
    • Common troubleshooting solutions
    • How to collect & analyse data


  1. If you are trialling an Accent device, your client can send you their current vocabulary file. To do so, follow instructions found in the Quick Reference Guides here:

  2. As you won’t be there in person to witness the trial you will need to have more rigorous data collection methods in place. This should ideally involve quantitative and qualitative data.


  • Or you can access Realize Language an automatic data collection feature that all of our devices have installed. Learn more about Realize Language here:
    If you want to get started with Realize Language you can always get in touch with your local consultant who will support you in using this powerful tool.


  • Qualitative: It is recommended that you provide examples to your families about what type of qualitative information you need to be recorded/noted. E.g. “This morning Charlie independently sought out his device and selected ‘juice’ to say he wanted juice”. Or, “when Charlie was angry, he pressed ‘stop go away’ after his brother knocked over his tower of bricks”.



For more information & trial support contact your local Liberator Consultant:

NSW: Jo Beech - [email protected] - 0450 506 447

VIC/SA/TAS: Ben Bond - [email protected] - 0420 277 104

QLD: Jessica McDade - [email protected] - 0406 968 585

WA: Kelly Savage & Freya Allen - [email protected] - 0424 631 285 


For more information about Therapy Services contact your allocated Liberator Therapist:

NSW: Ash Colombini - [email protected] - 0406 380 905

NSW: Leanna Fox – [email protected] – 0424 662 728

NSW: Morgan Thelfall – [email protected] – 0404 427 880

VIC: Eleanor Francis – [email protected] – 0432 200 926


For more information about LAMP, online training, clinical supervision, & AAC education packages contact: Leanna Fox – [email protected] – 0424 662 728

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