Interview with NSW Liberator Ambassador

Interview with NSW Liberator Ambassador

This month we asked Siobhan Daley, a NSW AAC Ambassador, to answer some questions for us. Siobhan has used AAC for most of her life, and currently uses an Accent 1400 with Unity 144.

In this blog, Siobhan answered some frequently asked questions about her device and her passion for AAC.

Q: Tell us about some of the things that you do with your device.

A: So I do quite a lot through my device, it’s how I access the world basically. I access my laptop and phone through Bluetooth, it’s my TV remote for both my  TVs, I can use Alexa with it when she listens to me and I can also use messenger on it which is really useful for in bed.

Q: Why are you so passionate about AAC?

A: I have been using various forms of AAC my whole life and it’s how I do everything. It’s how I communicate, it’s how I’ve managed to study and move out of home and it’s how I can be as independent as I am. I’m passionate about it because I am living proof of what AAC has the potential to do. It really allows me to do everything.

Q: Why is AAC important to you?

A: AAC is important to me because it has given me a life, basically. Not only personally, through allowing me to communicate whatever I want to say whenever I want to say it, as well as giving me as much independence as possible, but also professionally, as it has allowed me to build a career doing something I love.

Q: What are your personal obstacles with using AAC in the community?

A: My biggest personal obstacle using AAC in the community is literally just the time it takes me to communicate and people not waiting for me to communicate. Or they’ll ignore me and talk to the person I’m with, either because they don’t think I can communicate or understand what’s going on.

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