Liberator ACCESS Training

Liberator ACCESS Training

We are excited to launch Liberator AAC Training - a collection of comprehensive, on-demand resources to teach you about AAC. This training is a pre-requisite for accessing our device trial scheme.

This project is ongoing and was developed by Liberator's team of Speech Pathologists, designed with Speech Pathologists in mind (both new and experienced), but available to anyone who is interested in AAC.

We have developed these online resources to help you at all stages of the AAC process - exploring AAC options, trials and assessment, prescription and funding, ongoing intervention and continued evaluation. The Liberator AAC Training resources will include several stages of certification, with exciting incentives at each stage. These resources will be rolled out in the coming months - sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of our website) to find out when new resources are released.


Liberator AAC Training: ACCESS

The first stage is ACCESS Training. Completion of this course is a requirement to access our free, 3-week device trial scheme. The course should be completed by the speech pathologist supporting the trial. If you have previously trialled a device through Liberator, you are not required to complete the course; however, we encourage you to explore the content, as it will assist you through the trial. Speech Pathologists may be eligible to gain SPA PSR points for completing online learning.

The aims of course are

  • to introduce you to the Liberator trial scheme and the devices available
  • to summarise the key steps in a successful device trial, and guide you towards relevant further learning

We have introduced this training as a prerequisite to our trial scheme to help equip speech pathologists, and the entire trial team, with the right information to choose the most suitable AAC system for the person they are supporting.

The content is designed for speech pathologists; however, it may be of interest to parents, carers, and other team members. We invite anyone to view, complete or share this course. The course will take approximately 1 hour to complete.


Launch - Liberator AAC Training: ACCESS

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