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Holiday in Bali using my Accent device - Jess Kelly

It has been a while since my last blog but as promised here is a snapshot of my holiday to Bali.

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what aac device should i use?

This question has plagued all speech pathologists and parents of children with AAC at one point or another.

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When to start AAC

Let me tell you about Alec. Alec is a 5-year-old boy with autism and it was clear that his communication skills were considerably below that of his peers.

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Turning a dream into a reality with AAC

My name is Katie, I am 19 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy.  I communicate with my Accent 1000 device, it has definitely been the most amazing tool and it has helped immensely to break down the barriers I once faced when trying to communicate.

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The day I say

Jess, a 21 year old Accent 1000 communicator, lovingly shares with us parts of her story. This complete post was written by Jess on her communication device and truly highlights how powerful AAC can be in connecting and empowering us. 

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Developing Language with People Using Minspeak Systems by Gail Van Tatenhove

Knowing where to start with Minspeak and what vocabulary or language teaching strategy to use can seem like an overwhelming task.  Gail Van Tatenhove delved into two of the explicit teaching strategies during her Pittsburgh AAC Language Seminar with contagious enthusiasm,  a wealth of knowledge and highly organised resources.

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Cayt blog

"OMG you have a new communication device!  You are so lucky!  Isn’t it awesome”. I think everyone says that when they see you with a new communication device.

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Aspect conference

Aspect Autism in Education Conference 

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Ace Blog Post

Ace uses an Accent 1400 with Unity and he put together this post where he describes his amazing opportunity in meeting the Brisbane Lions. 

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Eleanor's Odyssey

Hello Liberator Blog readership,

My name is Eleanor Francis, I am a school based and private Speech Pathologist from Melbourne Australia working with clients aged 4-40 with complex communication needs.

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