Liberator blog – Great Stories, great content, let’s get started!

Liberator blog – Great Stories, great content, let’s get started!

Hello, and welcome to our brand-new blog! 

You may be asking yourself - “Who is this Liberator company that I have stumbled across?”. 

Starting out in 2007, we have grown from a small team of 3 to a group of 10 skilled & passionate individuals. As a supplier of high-tech communication products & training, we have focussed throughout these 11 years on one mission: 

Enable all individuals with speech and language disabilities to become successful communicators. 

Really, have a think about this. 

Everything we value in life is bound together and strengthened through our ability to communicate successfully with those around us. Imagine a child speaking their first words. Imagine an engaged couple saying their wedding vows. Imagine the conversations around a camp fire. Imagine talking nervously through a job interview. 

Our ability to communicate brings everything together in life and our purpose here at Liberator is to make that possible for as many people as we can. 

Many pieces of this blog will be directed at speech pathologists, but families, other professionals, and people who use AAC will all be able to benefit and enjoy what we will bring straight to your computer.

So, what are we up to with this blog and what is in it for YOU? 

We are going to be bringing you a whole swathe of fantastic pieces of content, including:

  • Plenty of “how to” information on AAC device implementation. 
  • Research summaries in AAC – a fun way to learn about the current research.
  • Guests blog posts from device users! What a fantastic way to enable our friends and colleagues with speech and language difficulties to communicate, and boy, do they have some insightful things to share.
  • The adventures we get up to around Australia and take away points that you could implement to improve your AAC practice or support of a communication partner.

Most importantly we would love to hear from our beautiful readers. So, if you would like to write a guest blog post telling us of your experiences as a device user or if you as a speech pathologist or parent have something important you would like to share, please get in touch. You can contact us at  

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Liberator Team. 

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