Meet Schuyler! An Inspiring Story of Monster's, Courage and Love.

Meet Schuyler! An Inspiring Story of Monster's, Courage and Love.

Meet Schuyler, an inspiring young woman with an amazing story to tell. 

Just over a week ago at ISAAC the Liberator booth was lit up by the effervescent smile of Schuyler Hudson, first time out from the US of A.

She is a long-time client of PRC, Liberator’s parent company. Schuyler was a whole lot of fun messing around with the Liberator crew & playing with the boxing kangaroo pens! We all had fun, but Schuyler’s real reason for being down under was to present at the conference, & she went down a storm!

Schuyler's journey to this point is inspiring and worth listening to. To meet this amazing young woman check out her video here:

It was also great to meet Dad, Robert Rummel-Hudson who is a veteran blogger & author of Schuyler’s Monster: A Father’s Journey With His Wordless Daughter.

This book is a dynamite read for any parent embarking on the AAC route. Robert's blog can be found here:

Schuyler's monster

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