Saying "I do!" with her Accent - Jess's wedding


Well two weeks of marriage and we dont feel any different lol but our wedding was amazing. 

The day began with my friend Penny coming over to have breakfast with mum and I which was nice.

We then dressed the van and my wheelchair with flowers and ribbons to make them look more wedding like.

Penny left and my sister (Bridesmaid) arrived and thats when everything started happening from then on.

The Make-up and hair ladies arrived, the photographer, my Aunt, Uncle, friend, my brother and his girlfriend.

Having everyone here to get ready with me made it all more exciting.


We were all ready with our hair, makeup and wedding clothes so we had lots of photoes taken and it was time to leave.

On the drive to the ceremony i was feeling very nervous but the minute i saw Aidan i felt better.

Seeing all our family and friends there was awesome, some of our family live far away and had travelled to see us get married. It was great to see them and celebrate with them.


I used my Accent device during our ceremony to say my vows to Aidan, I had pre-written them so they were ready to go.

The celebrant put the microphone near my device so that everyone could hear them.

I also used my device to select all our wedding music and put together a play list to include my walk down the aisle song, signing the register and the songs for our first dance as well as our party playlist. I also used it to email our photographer to arrange and confirm times.


The day flew by so fast but was perfect in every way. The ceremony was picture perfect overlooking the marina, the room for our wedding meal and reception looked stunning, our cake was beautiful and all our guests danced the night away. Aidan and i had our first dance and hardly left the dance floor.


Before we knew it, it was time for us to say our goodbyes to our guests and head off for a week together on our honeymoon. We had the best day and enjoyed every minute.


Thanks for reading



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