This is Shaya, she is eight years old. Shaya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was eight months old. Shaya is non-verbal and the only words that she can say are 'yah' and 'muma'.

Shaya has tried many forms of communication including using the 'picture exchange system', pod books, visual cards and Apps such as 'Proloqo to go' but nothing has been more successful for her than using her Accent 800.

Shaya also uses Auslan sign language which is difficult because of the limited use of her upper limbs and, because not many people around Shaya understand Auslan. She attends a mainstream school and is a very popular young girl. She was voted by her classmates to be the Student Representative Councillor of her class and was able to host the school assembly using her Accent 800.

Using her device, Shaya can also communicate with her teachers, her peers, her therapists, has been able to established loving friendships as well as being able to undertake the school curriculum including presenting her news to the class and joining in with answering questions. But above all that, Shaya can join in conversations with her family and tell them that she loves them.

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