Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Coinciding with the new website launch is Liberator expanding its services into the area of direct therapy.

 Already in action in Sydney are Leanna Fox (Therapy Manager) & Ash Colombini (Therapy Consultant) while Freya Allen (Therapy Consultant) is now available in Perth. 

These highly experienced & dedicated speech pathologists can offer expertise in all aspects of AAC provision including programme design & planning, implementation, monitoring & analysis.

Liberator staff can work directly with families, deliver therapy independently, or as part of a team with other speech pathologists & allied health professionals. Therapy Consultants may also work under contract with schools, disability organisations & private practice clinics. Also, specific Training, Clinical Supervision, & device-user Mentoring can be arranged, via onsite visits or online virtual sessions.

Contact Leanna at or on 0424 662 728 to discover exactly how Liberator can get involved in a sensitive & collaborative way in your AAC aspirations. Partner up with the personnel who have a proven track-record of success & attainment.

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