Turning a dream into a reality with AAC

Turning a dream into a reality with AAC

My name is Katie, I am 19 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy.  I communicate with my Accent 1000 device, it has definitely been the most amazing tool and it has helped immensely to break down the barriers I once faced when trying to communicate.

Being non-verbal was always a huge issue and it caused so much frustration for me, as others around me would struggle to understand what I was trying to say.

But since obtaining my Accent 1000 over a year ago, it has opened up a whole new world for me in relation to communicating effectively. It is incredible to have a voice that others can now understand clearly! 

Since graduating from year 12 two years ago, I have commenced working at the Salvos store as a volunteer, which I absolutely love.  I work in all the different departments within the store from manchester, to clothing, shoes & bags, books, furniture and of course the dreaded china and glassware section, where I have to be extra careful, especially with my involuntary movements - oh dear - that has created a bit of stress for myself and my wonderful support worker Greer, I can tell you!  Just being a valued member of the community is vital in order to lead a fulfilling, worthwhile and happy future. I am thoroughly enjoying my job.

Katie at work

I absolutely love art also - it was my favourite subject at school - painting is definitely my passion.  I have painted more than 80 paintings so far and I was fortunate enough to be involved with an art exhibition that was organised by the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland last year, where I could display all of my work!  

I sold quite a few of my paintings that night and I've managed to sell all of my work up until now to family, friends and other members of the public through my business website.  I'm very grateful for that opportunity!  I'm enjoying my life post school and I also have some wonderful support workers on board to assist with pursuing my interests, hobbies and passions.

I swim regularly, attend yoga class, I have a personal trainer who is helping to build up my upper body strength, I also enjoy kayaking, boccia, using my walker out in the community and socialising as much as possible with my friends and family.  My Accent 1000 has definitely made that dream a reality for me – I have a voice that I can count on now and I am a lively part of the conversation.

Thankyou for reading my blog and I sincerely hope that others out there who are having difficulty with their communication seek help and advice from the wonderful and helpful staff at Liberator for their device needs. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful 2019 and remember to be the best person that you can be and have fun and be happy along the way too!

Regards, Katie xxx

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