Liberator is way beyond a warehousing & distribution operation. Staff now offer direct AAC Therapy services along with Clinical Supervision. Academic qualifications are one thing, but it is the daily exposure to the practical demands of implementing AAC that has allowed Liberator speech pathologists to gain deep knowledge & develop assured clinical skills. Integral to The Mission is a strong desire to ensure that each AAC device-user receives adequate & appropriate levels of tuition & instruction within a sensitive, therapeutic framework. Liberator delivers quality therapy-outcomes via highly-focussed intervention.


Liberator aims to conduct ethical business in a transparent manner. In undertaking direct Therapy Services, staff abide by strict guidelines that seek to deliver optimal outcomes for all concerned, without compromise or conflict of interest.


Answers to many of the questions posed by both professionals & parents in determining the best fit of services for participants in the niche field of Augmentative & Alternative Communication.

Clinical Therapy

Liberator has recruited prized staff to deliver therapy in effective, & where warranted, innovative ways. There is no substitute for experience when the complexities of implementing AAC strategies have to be navigated. The speech pathologists with Liberator truly specialise in voice-output communication & have learned over many years just how to embrace issues of access, motivation & language acquisition. They are able to tap into therapeutic technique & practice being employed throughout the PRC global group in the USA, UK & Germany.

Clinical Supervision

There are several structural challenges facing the profession of speech pathologists as it grapples with the demands of successful AAC provision. One is the lack of academic focus, within undergraduate study topics, on this narrow, specialised area. Another is the dynamic nature of staff movement between jobs & organisations, along with the proportion of part-time therapists. Finally, the AAC industry itself is constantly in flux as new technologies are adopted & adapted. Liberator’s Clinicians are qualified to address these issues by way of offering supervision, guidance & mentoring to both organisations involved in AAC & individual speech pathologists in the field.

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