AAC Therapy

AAC Therapy

AAC is a lengthy journey that requires commitment from the person who uses AAC as well as their support networks. Published literature recommends a range of resources be available in order to develop AAC skills.

 This includes the following:

  • Appropriate device selection
  • Knowledge and skills needed to use AAC (person and support network)
  • Instruction and practice activities
  • Ongoing assessment of skill acquisition
  • Mentoring support and provision of mentoring
  • Speech pathology services at Liberator were developed as a result of consumers requesting support for communication development from people who had a special interest in AAC.

Therapists at Liberator

All speech pathologists at Liberator have several years’ experience working with people who have complex communication needs. They have knowledge and expertise in a range of therapy techniques and AAC systems. Staff has worked in a variety of settings including homes, preschools, schools, day programs, work centres and in acute hospitalsettings. Staff has also provided telehealth support to people overseas and to people in regional and remote areas.

  • As employees of Liberator, therapists have access to extensive training and support in the following devices:
  • Accent (800, 1000, 1400)
  • Novachat (5, 8, 10, 12)
  • Chat Fusion (8, 10)
  • Liberator Rugged 7
  • Liberator Rugged 8

Speech pathologists at Liberator have learnt from and have ongoing access to the authors of many of the current language files available. They have additional training in, and access to specialised support materials regarding the following language systems:

  • Unity
  • LAMP Words For Life
  • EasyChat
  • Essence
  • WordPower
  • Core Scanner

Speech pathologists at Liberator have experience and knowledge in how to support people with alternative access requirements.  Frequent communication with our AAC colleagues in USA, UK and Germany assists us in troubleshooting complex access requirements. This includes people using:
Keyguards and touch guides

  • Eye gaze
  • Head pointing
  • Switch scanning
  • Partner assisted support
  • Combination of access methods

Therapists at Liberator are also knowledgeable about and proficient in supporting people who use other forms of AAC such as key word sign, PECS, aided language displays and PODD systems.

The select team of therapists at Liberator maintain a strong & enduring commitment to their role.  As speech pathologists they understand the importance of continuity of service, as delivered by the same person consistently over lengthy time periods.

Services provided

Liberator can craft sessions to suit your particular circumstances. Pricing is upon application to Lisa Carnegie, Therapy Manager on 0414 925 046 or at [email protected].

The following services can be accessed:

  • Assessment and evaluation of communication skills
  • Implementation and therapy planning
  • Collaborative goal setting
  • Direct therapy services
  • Summary reports and recommendations
  • Data analysis via Realize Language
  • Materials and resources from the AAC Language Lab
  • Training in device operation
  • Multimodal support

Liberator can also provide support for professionals who work with people using AAC. This could help to further develop their skills in AAC assessment, implementation, support and report writing.

Therapy packages can be tailored to suit available funding, location and current skill level.  For example, intensive intervention for a short time frame or weekly support over a prolonged period.

Please contact the Therapy Manager, Lisa Carnegie, on 0414 925 046, or at [email protected] to discuss therapy provision with Liberator personnel.

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