Summary Therapy Services

Summary Therapy Services

Liberator now offers mobile Speech Pathology services in NSW & WA

Speech pathology from Liberator

Liberator Speech Pathologists are:

  • Dedicated to improving outcomes in the field of Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) for users, families, therapists & teachers
  • expert in the operation of all Liberator devices: Accents, LR7s, Nova Chats
  • extremely knowledgeable about the entire range of vocabulary options offered:
  • Minspeak Unity™, LAMP Words For Life, WordPower, easyChat, MultiChat, Essence
  • able to support AAC through different access techniques such as direct touch, switch-scanning, head-pointing or eye gaze
  • trained to provide LAMP therapy
  • connected to the local AAC community & international focus groups

Therapy Services are designed to support people of all ages and abilities in learning how to become more proficient communicators, using Liberator, and other voice-output devices.

We support both children and adults who may require AAC for a range of different reasons.

Who do Liberator provide services to?

  • People that require support with AAC.
  • Emphasis on people who have dedicated speech generating devices, primarily Liberator devices
  • Please contact us to discuss supporting people on other AAC devices

Where will the therapy take place?

  • Liberator is a mobile service
  • At home, school, day program, or in the community.

What does therapy include?

  • Goals will be developed to support language and communication development with nominated stakeholders e.g. device-user, parents, teachers, day program staff
  • Resources will be provided to practice at home  
  • Progress will be evaluated via Realize Language data-logging
  • Reports will be provided at the end of every block of therapy.

How much does it all cost?

  • Liberator can craft sessions to suit your particular circumstances. Pricing is upon application to Lisa Carnegie, Therapy Manager on 0414 925 046 or at
  • NDIS chargeable, or private
  • Charge for travel as per NDIS guidelines
  • Phone calls and emails are free of charge
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