Lamp Therapy

Lamp Therapy

Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) is a multi-sensory therapy technique. Liberator Therapists are able to assist with LAMP implementation either directly or as part of a team approach. Liberator can help with both Training & Therapy on a fee-based model.

If you are a family, Liberator clinicians can provide direct therapy in the home. Yet, Liberator can also contract with schools, private clinics & disability organisations to provide therapy services in this specialised area.

Speech Pathologists at Liberator:

  • are competent in the use of the Unity® & LAMP WFL vocabulary set including editing, masking, producing cheat sheets
  • have received additional training in LAMP as an intervention technique from John Halloran, one of the co-authors of the intervention approach
  • have attended LAMP training courses from a variety of LAMP trainers in the USA
  • are knowledgeable about the LAMP intervention approach
  • have supported children and adults who are at a 1 word, 2 word, and sentence level with their expressive communication
  • have presented at conferences (AGOSCI in Sydney, SPA in Adelaide) on LAMP as an intervention technique
  • constantly strive to learn more about the effectiveness of this approach and how to integrate it into a person's day
  • can devise realistic goals & monitor progress effectively
  • are able to use data logging & analysis via Realize to pinpoint clients' weaknesses & strengths over time

LAMP is invariably underpinned by Minspeak™ sequenced language systems such as Unity & Words For Life. This powerful arrangement of vocabulary according to linguistic principles provides the foundation for consistent access to core words via motor planning. Selections are made following learned patterns, minimising the substantial cognitive load associated with other systems & the associated navigational complexity.

Visit Liberator's Education section here to learn more about AAC & Autism.

This link takes you to a straightforward summary of what LAMP is all about - What is LAMP?

Contact THERAPY MANAGER Lisa Carnegie to discuss how Liberator can be a part of your AAC Therapy strategy on 0414 925 046 or at [email protected]

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