Tele Therapy

Tele Therapy

What is it? Telehealth is the delivery of therapy services at a distance via technology such as web based videoconferencing.

Liberator has access to ‘GoToMeeting’ software which is a secure videoconferencing program over the internet. This software enables screen sharing, video camera and audio to be transmitted in real time. A computer or tablet with internet, camera and microphone is required for telepractice. This interactive system runs in your computer’s browser & does not require a software program to be lownloaded.

Liberator has been providing support and training to people who use AAC, clinicians and school teachers via telehealth, for several years. This delivery approach is fully-funded by the NDIS & is a vital plank of any AAC Therapy plan involving clients in regional or remote areas of Australia.

Does it work?

Research conducted by the University of Sydney in NSW as part of the ‘wobbly hub and double spoke model’ has found telepractice allied health services:

 ‘despite being geographically remote from children and families, could deliver services consistent with contemporary practice, and supported children to achieve positive, functional outcomes’

Liberator can craft sessions to suit your particular circumstances. Pricing is upon application to Lisa Carnegie, Therapy Manager on 0414 925 046 or at [email protected].

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