Answers to many of the questions posed by both professionals & parents in determining the best fit of services for participants in the niche field of Augmentative & Alternative Communication.

If these frequently asked questions do not cover what you want to know about Liberator’s Therapy Services, then please just call Leanna Fox, Therapy Manager, on 0424 662 728, or email her at [email protected]

Q1    As a family new to AAC how can Liberator assist us in starting out on our AAC journey?

  • In line with a foundation concept of the NDIS, Liberator is primarily family-focussed in everything it does. Liberator staff do not just pay lip service to this principle, they believe in it & blend it into every action taken.
  • Before a family can be involved in decision-making in a meaningful way, they need to be informed through education & information. Liberator provides this prior to launching into assessment, device selection, or therapy.
  • Liberator brings knowledge, experience & expertise to the mix. Yet it also brings understanding, sensitivity & specific perspective.
  • Therapy staff with Liberator seek success & progress through working together with a client’s entire support network in a respectful, though effective, manner.
  • Above all, Liberator will offer guidance & professional advice in a methodical approach based on appropriate goal-setting, judged against collected & analysed data.

Q2    Our family has been working with a speech pathologist for several years, why do we need to consider involving Liberator?

  • Relatively few practising speech pathologists are fully immersed in AAC. They may have a wide-ranging client-base that requires particular skill & expertise in areas such as swallowing or articulation. Also, experienced speech pathologists may once have had good knowledge of AAC in the past but have been away from the profession or been diverted into a different, narrower field lately.
  • Your family may be receiving wide ranging therapy services from a private clinic or a not-for-profit disability organisation which does not have staff proficient in all aspects of high-tech AAC (eg eye gaze systems)
  • Technology & the pace of change in AAC means that it is difficult for many speech pathologists to stay up with developments, even if that is their intention. Liberator therapists remain close to the action & are thoroughly up to date.  

Q3    What is the difference between Training, Therapy & Clinical Supervision?

  • In the simplest terms Training is about learning how to “do” AAC, Therapy is the actual doing, while Clinical Supervision involves the refinement of Therapy delivery.
  • Training relates to instruction & tuition designed to enhance the skill set & proficiency of a variety of Liberator customers (eg device users, families, carers, teachers, respite centre staff, day care staff, teachers & aides, plus, importantly, speech pathologists & occupational therapists. Topics could encompass matching language software options to desirable language functionality, overviews of a language system, device set-up & operation for a sizeable group of stakeholders, programming, how to plan & facilitate an AAC assessment, comparative strengths of different AAC approaches, how to collect & analyse client performance data & how to incorporate clinical techniques like modelling, motivation & sabotage into the fabric of a therapy programme.
  • Therapy is the direct provision of therapeutic intervention by trained clinicians to individuals or groups of clients. Namely, the actual delivery of a progressive interaction aiming to improve the language competency & verbal skills of those lacking expressive capacity.
  • Clinical Supervision covers the process whereby supervisory, highly-experienced staff monitor, assess & evaluate the performance in the field of trained, qualified speech pathologists. The overall aim is to assist, guide & mentor already competent clinicians towards improvement through up-skilling. Reinforcement, suggestions for improvement, introduction of alternative techniques, programme design, monitoring, observation, integration with complementary therapies, demonstrations, interpreting theory into practise…these might be just some of the ingredients of a Clinical Supervisory Package.

Q4    Where does Liberator conduct Therapy?

  • Liberator follows established clinical best practice by delivering Therapy sessions in environments that are natural to the AAC device user. Primarily these would tend to be the home, school, or perhaps a regular respite centre or day care facility. Sometimes a sterile clinic can introduce an element of stress & anxiety which hampers the effectiveness of the clinical intervention.
  • Following the client’s lead & interest pays dividends since this approach may allow the device user to feel more comfortable & relaxed, thus becoming more open to new ideas, tasks & expectations. A dynamic, flexible attitude adopted by the Therapist might mean the AAC session is held in the play-equipment area of the school grounds instead of a noisy classroom.
  • So, Liberator uses a mobile delivery system to better serve its clients & further bolster the chances of success.

Q5    What is freely provided by Liberator & what do I have to pay for?

  • This document tells you what Liberator offers free of charge & without obligation before you consider buying a device. It also lays out the extent of the free support you can expect once you do purchase a Liberator AAC product.
  • Outside of the above generous support & training provisions, Liberator offers fee-based Training, either onsite or online. It additionally runs special Training Events (eg LAMP Words For Life)  
  • As the basic support function extends & expands into what is in fact a course of AAC Therapy, Liberator will charge fees. A quote will clearly define what is to be delivered in terms of content, duration, location & cost. Liberator can work alongside existing contracted speech pathologists or function independently. Its Therapy staff can also be hired to work with teachers in a school setting. Families may opt to engage Liberator clinicians to design & facilitate therapy intervention directly.
  • If you are a speech pathologist looking for guidance & advice in a formal or extensive way then Liberator is geared-up to assist you in your professional development. Liberator Therapy staff can link with you in a flexible or regular fee-based arrangement to deepen your understanding of AAC therapy delivery & improve your practical skills in the field. You might be in private practice or working for a significant disability-oriented organisation. Either way Liberator can issue a quote to itemise exactly what has been agreed in terms of coverage, timing, duration & costs.

Q6    How much does Liberator charge?

  • On the whole, fees are charged on an hourly basis for Therapy provided, in line with NDIS practices & prices (changeable in accordance with NDIS pricing adjustments.
  • However, all fees are aligned with specific quotes provided by Liberator for each finite job undertaken.
  • Travel charges are again linked to NDIS provisions. Similarly, they will be itemised in any Therapy quote requested.
  • Liberator charges identical amounts to the NDIS funding schedule, irrespective of whether the therapy course of treatment is being paid for privately or via public funds.
  • Cancellation fees (contained in every Therapy Services Agreement between Liberator & the client) are again charged as per the NDIS stipulated conditions.
  • Contracts to undertake Clinical Supervision are priced according to many factors such as
    • Number of hours per period
    • Duration of the agreement
    • Range of skill sets to be introduced or improved
    • Individual or group based
    • Location & travel requirements
    • Blend of onsite & online modules
    • Specificity & specialised nature of the topics to be covered
    • Preferred reporting formats

Please contact Liberator’s Leanna Fox on 0424 662 728, or email her at [email protected] for any price on application regarding Training, Therapy, or Clinical Supervision programmes.

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