Liberator THERAPY has been established to fill a void in the highly specialised field of high-tech AAC. The reality is that to be able to provide excellent service in this niche area, allied health professionals need both experience, expertise and continued professional development.

Feedback from many families provided to Liberatorhas included:

  • their speech pathologist only had a limited background in AAC
  • their speech pathologist was not available for support & training after prescription
  • their speech pathologist switched jobs without notice, making a whole new start necessary
  • their speech pathologist was only available for a set number of sessions with long waits between services
  • they were given little education about why AAC might be helpful
  • they did not receive informed information about the full range of AAC options worthy of consideration
  • they were not part of the decision making process
  • the importance of language/access to a full vocabulary was not emphasised to them
  • goal setting was often inadequate, being vague & not monitored
  • reports as to progress were frequently insufficient & commonly not derived from data
  • their speech pathologist did not know how to use the device properly so could not teach them

When Liberator delivers AAC Therapy it seeks to fully rectify these shortfalls.

  • All Liberator Therapy Consultants are qualified speech pathologists with many years of experience in the complex & demanding field of high-tech electronic AAC.
  • Liberator Therapy staff are dedicated to devising & implementing solutions over realistic time periods to ensure that no family is left without professional guidance & help.
  • Liberator retains its personnel to guarantee continuity & cumulative expertise, through a culture that demands competence but rewards success with intrinsic job satisfaction.
  • Liberator interacts with families in an informed atmosphere, giving emphasis to education
  • Liberator pledges to always bring awareness of alternative products & strategies, including those that are outside the Liberator product suites.
  • Liberator offers a complete range of AAC approaches, with its products & vocabulary systems representing language in all three possible ways: text, single picture-single meaning (page based), & sequenced icons (semantic compaction…Minspeak)
  • Speech Pathologists with Liberator concentrate on delivering therapy against set, agreed outcomes. This is the focus since the products & tools they utilise are designed to work straight out of the box with minimal need for customisation.
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