Liberator operates in a transparent & ethical manner. All staff are aware of the level of integrity that is required when working with a client group thoroughly dependent upon AAC. Liberator is sensitive to, & mindful of, any possible Conflict of Interest arising from its operations, especially in the areas of professional advice, assessment, & direct therapy provision.

Consultants & Therapy staff all adhere to whatever is best for the client’s interests as opposed to furthering commercial gain. Liberator’s professional clinicians fully comply with Speech Pathology Australia’s (SPA) code of ethics at all times and are registered with SPA. Every employee receives a set salary without bonuses linked to performance.

Anyone interacting with Liberator needs to be cognisant with the commercial status of the organisation, it being a for-profit Pty Ltd company. Liberator aims to compete effectively in a dynamic marketplace so as to maintain its presence & continue to offer extremely specialised services to a relatively select clientele.

Having previously been solely a provider of AAC hardware & language systems along with basic support & training, Liberator is now extending its activity into the Therapy Services area. The intention is to better serve the needs of the company’s disparate customers. By becoming more involved in the process of acquiring language through AAC intervention, Liberator seeks stronger outcomes for clients through the successful uptake & implementation of AAC.

It should be evident that Liberator has a distinct product range & that these products & services will be a first point of reference for staff as they interact with those seeking therapy services. A good deal of activity will revolve around clients already using Liberator products. For those not yet using AAC equipment, Liberator staff will investigate with the client’s support team all the language, vocabulary, technical & hardware options within the Liberator range. This is to be conducted in a transparent manner, with the factual knowledge that all recognised AAC approaches & methodologies are well-represented.

If Liberator staff consider that the client would, though, be better served by a piece of AAC hardware or software not contained in the Liberator range then they are bound to communicate this position to all involved. Liberator demands that all its staff in such circumstances point out the possible advantages of alternative devices. This is in line with the Speech Pathology Australia code of ethics 3.3.7 conflict of interest ‘will not sell products to our clients unless we reasonably believe that they will be of benefit’.

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