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Can you teach all AAC systems through motor planning?

Explore with us the idea of teaching different communication systems through motor planning. 


What I wish I knew starting out in AAC

We asked our experienced clinicians and consultants what they wish they knew when they first started working in AAC. We all start at the same place but boy would it be great if we could get a leg up when first starting out. 


Surviving My First Week in Telehealth AAC Intervention!

Let’s be honest! Who isn’t freaking out just a little about doing AAC therapy via Telehealth? This #stayhome scenario is challenging! We are all under tremendous levels of stress at the moment; worrying about the world and finding a new routine for ourselves and our families. 


Heart warming tribute to Bruce by Mke a.k.a The Minspeaker

Mke's life was transformed by Bruce's lifes work in developing and promoting Minspeak. This heart warming tribute is worth the watch. 


Bruce Baker

Bruce Baker, the originator of Minspeak, passed away peacefully last night at his Pittsburgh home. Bruce invested heavily in the development of AAC throughout Australia over many years. 


The resource you have been waiting for!

If you are new to providing services via teleconferencing methods, Liberator is here to help. We offer a wealth of resources to make this medium as easy as possible for you so that you can continue to provide quality AAC assessment and therapy. 

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