FOUNDATIONS comprises a set of 30-90 minute modules to teach you essential foundation knowledge for implementing AAC. This is not device operational training, but comprehensive AAC education, to help you at all stages of the AAC process.

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Latest News & Updates

Liberator Consultant Team Expands

The Liberator consultant team expands with the introduction of Peta Booth who will be supporting Queensland, Delara kapadia in Western Australia and Emily Swanson in South Australia & Tasmania. 


Interview with NSW Liberator Ambassador

This month we asked Siobhan Daley, a NSW AAC Ambassador, to answer some questions for us. Siobhan has used AAC for most of her life, and currently uses an Accent 1400 with Unity 144.


Reviewing Interests & Goals: Getting Back Into F2F by Eleanor Francis

How great are home visits? One thing I love about working as a mobile therapist is spending time with my clients and their families in their own environments during their everyday routines. After many months of seeing clients through a screen, this week I have been getting back into the swing of mobile, face to face therapy services in Victoria.

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