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Using Alexa with Accent 1400 - Experiences by Siobhan Daley

Siobhan shares and (shows!) how she uses Alexa in her daily routines and discusses other uses for Alexa for folks using AAC. 


Shedding Light on LAMP in the Classroom

Many therapists and teachers have struggled to integrate AAC into their classrooms successfully. We ask ourselves: how do I integrate LAMP and academics in order to help my students express themselves and what they know, all in the middle of a busy classroom?


LAMP at home – beyond the therapy session

Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in supporting communication development, as much for a child who uses AAC as one who does not. In LAMP intervention, it can be challenging to balance everything, and many find themselves in the same situation… “My child uses his device really well in speech therapy, but doesn’t use it at home!”.

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