Trial our devices for free

Trial devices are available to test for 2 weeks (VersaEye) or 3 weeks (all other devices). 

Each trial must include a speech pathologist. If another person is completing this form, please include the speech pathologist’s contact details.

The speech pathologist must complete Access training if this is their first trial with Liberator.

If you have special requests that cannot be accommodated via this form,
please contact your Local Consultant.

All device trials are free, including free return to Liberator’s head office, via our e-Parcel service by Australia post.

To return a trial device, you can download a free postage label here:

How it Works

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Place a trial request


Prepare for trial with us


Receive delivery of device


Trial the device with your client


Return the device


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Wait times for trial devices

Accent 800: 1-2 weeks

Accent 1000: 1-2 weeks (without Look), 2-4 weeks (with Look)

Accent 1400: 4 weeks 

Liberator Rugged 8: 1-2 weeks

Liberator Rugged 10: 1-2 weeks

NovaChat 8: 2-4 weeks

NovaChat 10: 4-6 weeks

VersaEye: 2-3 weeks

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