Online AAC Training

For 15 years Liberator has provided AAC education and solutions across Australia. Each team member has personally experienced the challenges and rewards of working in the AAC field. We know that to empower individuals to communicate spontaneously, effectively and independently, the support team needs a strong understanding of AAC principles. We also know that comprehensive and practical training is hard to find.

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Child with Liberator AAC device

We are excited to offer Liberator AAC Training – a collection of comprehensive, on-demand resources to teach you about AAC. The goals of this new training package are:
  • To contribute to the ongoing professional development of Speech Pathologists in the area of AAC
  • To support Speech Pathologists to conduct successful AAC device trials, and to achieve better outcomes for AAC clients
  • To develop ongoing partnerships with therapists and organisations, leading to shared AAC knowledge & expertise within the community

Liberator AAC Training includes several stages of certification. Our self-paced training is available now.

Join Online AAC Training: ACCESS

Liberator introduced this training to help equip the trial team with the right information to choose the most suitable AAC system for the person they are supporting. It is designed for speech pathologists; however, it may be of interest to parents, carers, and other team members.

The aims of the course are

  • To introduce you to the Liberator trial scheme and the devices available
  • To summarise the key steps in a successful device trial, and guide you towards relevant further learning

Completion of this course is a requirement to access our free, 3-week device trial scheme; it should be undertaken by the speech pathologist supporting the trial. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete. If you have previously trialled a device through Liberator, you are not required to complete the course; however, we encourage you to explore the content.

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Join Online AAC Training: FOUNDATIONS

FOUNDATIONS training was a major collaborative project undertaken by Liberator’s large team of Speech Pathologists. It comprises a carefully planned set of modules to teach you what we know to be essential foundation knowledge for implementing AAC. This is not device operational training, but comprehensive AAC education, to help you at all stages of the AAC process.

The content is designed for speech pathologists, but may be of interest to all members of the AAC team. ACCESS Training is a prerequisite to the FOUNDATIONS modules. 


  • Complete our free Foundations modules one by one, at your own pace
  • 30-90 minutes per module, depending on the topic
  • Certificate of completion provided after each module


  • Our team of Speech Pathologists can provide live training to your organisation
  • ~10 hours of content – can be completed in 2 full days or in shorter segments
  • Costs vary based on group size and location

Individuals can obtain full Foundations Certification at their own pace via our on-demand modules. Please contact our Training Manager, Morgan Threlfall ( to enquire about Foundations Certification for your team or organisation.