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We provide augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices, accessories and services for people with communication support needs, their families, and their support networks.

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Let us help you navigate the journey to finding a right solution

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Try Liberator devices free for 3 weeks with no obligations. Our state consultants offer
support at every stage: product training, vocabulary selection, assessment, goal
setting, implementation, data collection, and evaluation.

NDIS Funding – How it works

Liberator can support you through each step of the process

NDIS Funding – How it works

Liberator can support you through each step of the process

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Explore AAC Learning Options

Our team of trainers and consultants have extensive experience in AAC assessment and implementation.
We offer a range of training for AAC communicators, their immediate support networks, speech pathologists, and other members of their team.

Your one-stop shop for personalised support coupled with high quality tech
Liberator Rugged AAC Communication Device with LAMP vocabulary

Empowering every step: Liberator's end-to-end AAC Communication Device Trial support

Liberator has a pool of AAC communication devices available for AAC Communicators to trial, free of charge. Our local, state-based consultants are here to assist the trial at every stage through online consults, resource support, and pre-trial group training. Once the trial is complete, we can also help navigate the process of funding AAC products through the NDIS and other funding bodies. For support with device trials, download our TRIAL HANDBOOK.

How can we support you?

  • Technical Support
  • Repairs
  • Warranty
  • Product Returns

Liberator is proud to offer a range of high quality training events throughout the year.

We have a range of resources available for assessment, trials, goal setting, implementation, and more.

Let us help you navigate the process of funding assistive technology (AT) products and services through the NDIS and other funding bodies.

Liberator NovaChat AAC Communication Device with Wordpower vocabulary

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Connect with your local consultant to discover your AAC options!

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