Our products include the most powerful and flexible communication aids, mounts, early learning software, adapted toys, switches, computer access devices, classroom resources and software. We're very happy to lend you equipment for short term trials and assessments, under our supported loan service.

For a quick snapshot of our device range, you can download our product guide.


Liberator has a complete online ordering facility to complement emailed purchase orders. Enter the Store, select your product & either Add To Cart or Add To Quote.

Device Trials

Liberator has an unmatched pool of devices from across its entire range that is available for trial, free of charge & obligation, for 3 weeks’ duration. Expert Consultants on the ground in your State will assist all involved in the trial process, providing advice & counsel at every stage. Liberator invests a great deal in preparing the knowledge-base prior to commencement. Device specific training along with vocabulary system selection are part & parcel of our service. Assistance can be given when it comes to objective assessment, goal setting, data collection & evaluation.

Get A Quote

Liberator’s website now allows you to generate a Quote straight from the Store. You will then receive a copy by email. Quotes can be saved within your Liberator onsite account plus they can be printed straight off for immediate reference. Formatting & detail conforms with all NDIS requirements.

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