Product Returns

Product Returns

Returning a device to Liberator after Trial or under the 3 Year Warranty period for repair is FREE & easy!

ALL PRODUCT RETURNS may be made via Liberator's FREE PARCEL SERVICE, through Australia Post. Details of how to use the service will be provided when you arrange a trial or are issued an RA Number for repairs. You can still use this way to send back devices for repair that are outside the 3 Year Warranty period, though charges will be added to your repair bill.

When returning equipment to Liberator for Repair/Service, or from trial, please ensure it is as clean, as it was upon despatch to you. Before devices can be repaired by our technicians or be loaned to another customer, they must be cleaned, thoroughly. This obviously delays both repairs & trials often leading to increased costs.

  • Clean the outside of the device with an alcohol-based wipe or cleaner
  • Notify us if the device user has an infectious illness
  • DO NOT pour water or any other liquid over the device
  • DO NOT immerse the device in water or any other liquid

Also, when returning electronic equipment to Liberator please help us reduce damages sustained in transit by always placing devices inside a strong cardboard box, after wrapping them in bubble-wrap.

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