Liberator has the human resources & technical facilities to fix your device promptly.

If your device is in need of service or repair, please call Nilendra (Technical Manager) on 08 8211 7766 to discuss the issue. Please have the device serial number handy (written on the back of your device).

Once you have spoken with Liberator's workshop staff & ascertained that the device will have to be returned for repair, you will be issued with:

    • Your unique link to our online repair form
    • A Return Authorisation (RA) number
    • Free freight instructions

When ringing or emailing to enquire about the progress of a repair, please always quote the RA number to immediately identify the particular job.

If a needed repair falls outside the warranty period of 3 years then payment will be required, including freight each way. You may still use Liberator's parcel service through Australia Post, but you will be charged.

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