Technical Support

Technical Support

If you experience a technical issue with any product supplied by Liberator, please contact: Nilendra (Technical Manager) on 08 8211 7766 or [email protected].

  • Whenever you email, please ensure you state your name, organisation, device model & serial number, along with your phone number & brief fault description.
  • If you believe the difficulty is due to programming, device operation, or software related then your own State-based Consultant should be contacted first-up.
  • Liberator prides itself upon the quality & responsiveness of its technical support function. As far as possible we try to take your call there & then, avoiding the delays & annoyance of phone-tag.
  • Our large Team constantly cross-checks technical data & forums to offer you practical tips & workarounds as the technology changes dynamically & rapidly.
  • Also, Liberator staff are regularly in touch with colleagues at Prentke Romich Company (PRC) & Saltillo, plus our parent, Liberator Ltd in the UK. This allows us to be up to the minute when it comes to software updates, firmware revisions, & technical refinements, as they happen.

For useful sources of technical suggestions & assistance, helpful how-to-articles and support topics, plus downloads of user manuals, quick reference guides (under 'Downloads English section' on the Saltillo web site: for all PRC devices for all Saltillo devices

However, Liberator is your first port of call for all technical queries. The above links are only for those seeking helpful insight into our product ranges. All actual support is provided here in Australia via Liberator, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prentke Romich Company & its sister corporation Saltillo.

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