As an entity Liberator contains a significant store of knowledge & clinical skill. Part of our Mission is to share the intense exposure to AAC challenges that our Consultants face on a daily basis. We offer a wide range of training modules for everyone whose life is touched by the utter frustration of silence.

Liberator AAC Training

For over 14 years, Liberator has provided AAC education and solutions across Australia. Each team member has personally experienced the challenges and rewards of working in the AAC field. We know that to empower individuals to communicate spontaneously, effectively and independently, the support team needs a strong understanding of AAC principles. We also know that comprehensive and practical training is hard to find.


Liberator is proud to offer a range of high quality training events throughout the year. Our team of state-based consultants have extensive practical experience in various areas of AAC implementation, & regularly collaborate with world-leading local & international AAC clinicians to deliver trainings for a variety of audiences.

Product Training

Liberator is committed to providing you with the right information to get the most out of your AAC device. You can access videos & on-demand training packages developed by our local & international consultant network at any time. We also offer personalised training with our consultant team via Zoom, our preferred videoconferencing software.

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