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When you are just starting out with a device, it can help to see examples of people who are a little further along in their AAC journey - maybe to get some activity ideas, as inspiration for you & your team, or to educate others about the power of AAC.

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Holiday in Bali using my Accent device - Jess Kelly

It has been a while since my last blog but as promised here is a snapshot of my holiday to Bali.

Read more - An educational website that explains the fundamentals of AAC

Explore AAC is now live. Explore AAC is an engaging and interactive new website that provides education on what AAC is and how you can get started.

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Kaylei is a 6 year old girl with Cri Du Chat syndrome, which impacts all aspects of her life including her speech and communication. 

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New Website

Welcome one & all to Liberator’s brand-new website! You’ve probably noticed the striking new logo in blue, turquoise & green. This matches our parent company PRC, & Liberator in the UK.

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what aac device should i use?

This question has plagued all speech pathologists and parents of children with AAC at one point or another.

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When to start AAC

Let me tell you about Alec. Alec is a 5-year-old boy with autism and it was clear that his communication skills were considerably below that of his peers.

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LAMP Words for Life - Vision Impairment

LAMP WFL - Vision Impairment comes with some exciting new changes:

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This is Joseph (Joey), an amazing Accent 1400 user who loves to have a chat.

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New Liberator Accent devices include a full version of Timocco

We are excited to announce that every new Liberator Accent device includes a full version of Timocco-on-Accent.

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