Aero Switch

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The universal AeroSwitch is wireless and compatible with most devices running iOS, Android and Windows using Bluetooth 4.1 or higher.

AeroSwitch offers a host of options:

  • Use it as a hub. Two switch jacks allow AeroSwitch to be used as a hub for other, wired switches.
  • Use with other AeroSwitches. Depending on your device, use up to three AeroSwitches for a variety of access and selection options.
  • Use it inside communication software…or outside. AeroSwitch comes pre-programmed with common keyboard commands that work with a variety of devices, software programs and apps.

Comes with interchangeable coloured tops – red, yellow, blue, green and grey.

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2.99” (76mm) diameter x .8” (20mm) height. 1-Year Warranty