Device Trials

Device Trials

Liberator has an extensive pool of devices available for trial, free of charge and obligation, for 3 weeks. Consultants in each state can assist the trial team at every stage, providing support in areas such as: product training, choosing vocabularies and devices to trial, assessment, goal setting, implementation, data collection and evaluation.

How to access a trial device

Devices are available for free, 3-week trials, and each device trial must include a speech pathologist. The speech pathologist must complete the ACCESS Training Course before submitting a trial agreement form (below). If you have previously trialled a device through Liberator, you are not required to complete the course; however, we encourage you to explore the content, as it will assist you during the trial.

The content is designed for speech pathologists; however, it may be of interest to parents, carers, and other team members. We invite anyone to view, complete or share this course. 

The course will take approximately 1 hour to complete. You can save and come back to your work at any time. You can also download our Trial Handbook - a companion to ACCESS training - which provides access to all the assistance you will need to ensure a more successful trial. Our consultant team continues to provide extensive, free support to you at every stage of the trial process - learn more here.


Prerequisite for trial scheme access.   


Free Return Postage to Head Office

All device trials include free return of the device to Liberator's Head Office, via our e-Parcel Service by Australia Post.

To return a trial device, you can download a free postage label here:

Fill in all details requested
Tick the Terms & Conditions, then hit Submit
Select Download & Print Return label - Lodge

Wait Times for Devices

Accent 1400: 4 weeks (with Look), 3 weeks (without Look)
Accent 1000: 4 weeks (with Look),1- 2 weeks (without Look)
Accent 800: 1-2 weeks
Liberator Rugged 8: 1-2 weeks
Liberator Rugged 10: 1-2 weeks
NOVA chat 8: 3 weeks
NOVA chat 10: 3 weeks

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