Device Trials

Device Trials

Liberator has an unmatched pool of devices from across its entire range that is available for trial, free of charge & obligation, for 3 weeks’ duration. Expert Consultants on the ground in your State will assist all involved in the trial process, providing advice & counsel at every stage. Liberator invests a great deal in preparing the knowledge-base prior to commencement. Device specific training along with vocabulary system selection are part & parcel of our service. Assistance can be given when it comes to objective assessment, goal setting, data collection & evaluation.


All equipment trials are free of charge

When you trial a Liberator device you receive exceptional support & assistance:

To return a trial device to Liberator, you can download a free postage label here:

  • Fill in all details requested
  • Tick the Terms & Conditions, then hit Submit
  • Select Download & Print Return label - Lodge

Online trial agreement form below. 

Alternatively, you can print, fill and return a hard copy trial agreement form and send this to Tanja at Liberator Customer Support email She will add you to the waiting list and then confirm receipt of your form and advise you of waiting times on devices if applicable. If you need to discuss trial conditions and available equipment please call her on 08 8211 7766.

Hard copy Trial Agreement Form


Wait Times for Devices

Accent 1400: 6 weeks (with Look), 4 weeks (without Look)
Accent 1000: 4-6 weeks
Accent 800: 2 weeks

Liberator Rugged 8: 4-6 weeks

NOVA chat 5: 6 weeks 
NOVA chat 8: 4-6 weeks
NOVA chat 10: 5 weeks
NOVA chat 12: 3 weeks

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