Access Systems

Access Systems

When you choose a dedicated, thoroughbred AAC system from Liberator rest assured that all access options will be available to you. This includes hardware connectivity & inbuilt, pre-programmed software-design functions for fine control & adjustment.

Head Pointing, Switches and Key Guards are covered under a basic 1-Year Warranty that does not include physical damage, apart from the Look Eye Gaze unit that comes with a complete 3-Year parts & Labour Warranty, including physical damage.

Look is covered under a comprehensive 3-Year Warranty. Not only does this include parts & labour, it also covers physical damage.

Plus, whenever you have to return a device back to Liberator for repair or service, under Warranty, the freight will be paid by Liberator, both ways. To make everything easier, Liberator will supply customers with details of a FREE parcel service run by Australia Post. The aim is to speed up the returns process & get functioning devices back with families as soon as possible.

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