Funding FAQ

Funding FAQ

Q1 My child requires an AAC device, what is the process for purchasing AT?

  • As an AAC device is typically deemed a Level 4 in terms of complexity (NDIS AT Complexity Level Classification), it requires appropriate assessment and trial prior to being funded.
  • Liberator therapy consultants can assist you in completing assessment and determining the most suitable AAC device option. 
  • If your child already has a speech pathologist involved and you would like information on device options for trial contact the local Liberator Consultant. 
  • Refer HERE for more information regarding the process.

Q2  Do I need to do an assessment before purchasing an AAC device?

  • When a need for technology has been identified, the NDIS plan should include funding for an AT assessment. 
  • As voice-output devices are classified as Level 4 in complexity, appropriate assessment and trial is required as well as an AT assessment form. The assessment, trial and AT assessment form should be completed by a therapist who has significant experience and knowledge in AAC and AAC devices. Liberator therapy consultants are well equipped to complete these tasks and assist in determining the most suitable AAC device.
  • Liberator offers free trials of devices. For more information contact your local Consultant or click HERE.

Q3  What do I do if my AT request has been denied?

  • A request for an internal review of a decision made by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) can be submitted. The request for review must be made within 3 months of receiving notice of the decision from the NDIA.
  • Liberator can assist with the appeal process and has done so successfully for a number of NDIS participants to date. 

Q4 I submitted an AT request some time ago but have not had any contact from the NDIS. What should I do?

Q5 What do I do if my device need emergency repairs or replacement?

  • Contact Liberator’s workshop staff to ascertain what support is required to fix the device. Refer to our SERVICE page for further information on Liberator’s repairs, warranty and product returns.
  • The NDIS plan should include funds (under the Capital budget) to cover repairs and maintenance costs for Assistive Technology (AT) supports. These funds are often inadequate to cover the total cost of repairs and maintenance. In an effort to overcome this issue, Liberator offers comprehensive 3 Year parts & labour Warranty which includes physical damage, batteries, & free freight to & from the repair workshop.

Q6 I currently have an AAC device but it no longer suits my needs. Can I get a new one?

  • If the current AAC device is no longer suitable, a new one may be requested. Assessment and trial would need to be completed in order to determine a more suitable AAC device. The AT Assessment form would need to explicitly indicate why the current AAC device is no longer suitable. Liberator Therapy Consultants could assist with this process.
  • If the current device is a Liberator product, contact your local Consultant to discuss why it is no longer suitable. The Liberator Consultant may be able to offer suggestions to overcome any current difficulties using the device. 

Refer to for more FAQs questions about AT.

You can download a summary of the NDIS Review Process, including the importance of a “change in circumstances” here: NDIS Review Process

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