NuVoice PASS (PRC Application and Support Software) resources

NuVoice PASS is a software program for Windows computers which allows you to create, modify or back up vocabularies from Accent communication devices. PASS is a powerful platform that allows communication partners to make changes to a client’s vocabulary without removing the device from them.

NuVoice PASS home screen

Download NuVoice PASS

The NuVoice PASS software provides you with the ability to create cheat sheets, low tech communication boards and word lists. These support materials have the capacity to greatly enhance the overall uptake and use of the device by all communication partners.

PASS Quick Reference Guide

One advantage of using the PASS software is that clinicians, teachers and parents are able to familiarise themselves with whatever vocabulary might be selected, including unique programs like Unity & Core Scanner. Speech Pathologists can prepare & personalise specific vocabularies for clients whilst waiting for a trial device to arrive. This increases a user’s effective time to trial and engage with the device.

PASS is not intended to be a communication system for someone but rather a tool to supplement the use of their own communication device. As such, the voice output available through the PASS software will last for only 90 days. Still, the program will continue to run & provide a very useful training, teaching & support tool for everyone involved.

NuVoice PASS Video

Watch an Introduction to PASS