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Chat Editor is a software program for your Windows computer that allows you to view and make changes to vocabularies that are on either NovaChat or Liberator Rugged devices. It works by transferring files from a communication device onto the program.

Chat Editor for Windows

Download Chat Editor Here

Benefits of using Chat Editor

  • Allows you to edit and make changes to a vocabulary without needing to remove the communication device from the user.
  • Provides a method of backing up the vocabulary. This is useful for after trial periods or in case there is damage that occurs to the device itself.

Chat Editor will allow you explore all of the Chat software vocabularies for free. These include WordPower, Multi-Chat, myQuickChat and Essence. You can also configure it to load LAMP Words for Life one hit, transition or full version.

Device and Editor Differences

The software isn’t designed or intended to be used as a speech generating device. It is a supporting tool for families and clinicians and should be viewed as a must have tool to accompany a suitable device.

Within the software the dialogue box, editing process and access to the settings is different from the communication device. Key elements to remember when using it are:

  • access to settings and menu items are at the top of the page
  • to edit a button you right click the button you want to change
  • it has the capture feature which allows you to record button sequence selections for teaching and training vocabulary locations on the device.


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