Realize Language

What is Realize?

Realize Language is a web-based resource that allows professionals & parents to check language data generated by an AAC device-user, once it has been simply uploaded. This evidence can then permit professionals to pinpoint where intervention is required & parents to gauge progress.

It offers a unique variety of tools to discover & document important aspects of language & communication development. Realize Language organizes & analyses language and communication information & presents it in an easy-to-understand graphic form. For more information about data logging on your device, visit the Education section of our website. 

Realize Language is revolutionizing the way we monitor, measure & maximize an individual’s use of an AAC device. Now, with Realize Language, anyone can easily & conveniently view data from individual AAC devices & help improve the lives of those individuals who use AAC.

With simple, one-click tools, you can;

  • Track progress & communication development over time
  • Automatically compare different aspects of communication
  • Create a detailed dashboard summary of performance
  • Share information with everyone on the team.

Please note that turning on the Data Logger in any AAC device & gathering information should always be a transparent process with the permission & acknowledgement of all parties involved.

Get started now and quickly see the many immediate & long-term benefits that Realize Language offers Clinicians, Teachers, Family Members & AAC device users. 

Every new Liberator device purchase comes with a free 1-year subscription to Realize Language. 

Otherwise, the cost to access Realize Language is only $9.95 USD for a full 1-year subscription. 

You can also access a free 1-month trial at any time – handy for device trials! 

Sign up at

  • Visit the ‘Support’ Tab to download the starter guide, which offers a comprehensive introduction to the system.
  • You can also access videos under the Resources Tab, & via PRC’s YouTube Channel Playlist: Introducing Realize Language