Liberator is proud to offer a range of high quality training events throughout the year. Our team of state-based consultants have extensive practical experience in various areas of AAC implementation, & regularly collaborate with world-leading local & international AAC clinicians to deliver trainings for a variety of audiences.

Our events are aimed at equipping you with the knowledge & resources you need to successfully assess, trial and implement AAC with your clients & families, or perhaps to learn a bit more about your own AAC device. If you have a suggestion for an upcoming event, please get in touch with your local consultant.

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Pre-Trial Training Sessions

Please join us for regular online meetings to help you to prepare for a device trial. During these online sessions we will cover:

• Using the SETT Framework for understanding your client and their needs
• Understanding communication competencies and using these to create goals
• Resources for trial preparation

These sessions are open to anyone who wants to learn more the process of conducting a thorough and successful device trial, whether you are a speech-language pathologist, support worker, educator, or family member supporting a trial.

IMPORTANT: Prior to the session, please download the following resources that we will refer to throughout the training:

Click Here for Pre-Trial Training RESOURCES

Monday 16/01/2023



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Monday 23/01/2023



For more information and to register for the event:,HuuNmOyE2ECwowtEKTzgGw,x_FAlq8x_0iSUfqB83m-pA,5Wg3Phb_9EqkoceYeElHEQ,yV3sXtUG00qhkFpmC09efw,MAFQVl0ovUa1gU14wTBS_g?mode=read&tenantId=aaa1bb54-b303-4925-b52c-0e87a4bf7b2e  

Monday 30/01/2023



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Monday 6/02/2023



For more information and to register for the event:,HuuNmOyE2ECwowtEKTzgGw,x_FAlq8x_0iSUfqB83m-pA,5eQs9CEICE2rJdo9HcP8Rw,HKmYVqap3kCsSbmFjR4-Zw,wNAvuMYvXE2bM1JZd7zaFA?mode=read&tenantId=aaa1bb54-b303-4925-b52c-0e87a4bf7b2e 

Monday 13/02/2023



For more information and to register for the event:,HuuNmOyE2ECwowtEKTzgGw,x_FAlq8x_0iSUfqB83m-pA,cMS3D1NT802nKK3Z-4GMBw,69PTrMK6qESP5LIwIe2L7g,hqAIvD-UAkW_YrDARDMEXA?mode=read&tenantId=aaa1bb54-b303-4925-b52c-0e87a4bf7b2e 

Monday 20/02/2023



For more information and to register for the event:,HuuNmOyE2ECwowtEKTzgGw,x_FAlq8x_0iSUfqB83m-pA,d2n6vXFRB0--5sSvpWw-MA,8WuwUm2B602TN6-RrwldhQ,1mzFsm15fU25tPWYIB2hWw?mode=read&tenantId=aaa1bb54-b303-4925-b52c-0e87a4bf7b2e 

Monday 27/02/2023



For more information and to register for the event:,HuuNmOyE2ECwowtEKTzgGw,x_FAlq8x_0iSUfqB83m-pA,FkrChAaEHkqPJhEfs7j9-Q,ErPQ33VA-kasGdTisPZ3RA,c6Ma5v76wUm_QRmSMx-rcQ?mode=read&tenantId=aaa1bb54-b303-4925-b52c-0e87a4bf7b2e 

LAMP Congress

Join John Halloran in the flesh & learn about LAMP™ from the very man who developed this unique blend of therapeutic approaches and be part of a series of intense, tutorials. 

Join with LAMP™ maestro Lance McLemore in person & gain insights into the mindset of someone who uses LAMP to communicate. 

Join with the best LAMP™ practitioners in Australia & find out the pitfalls to avoid & the tips to be embraced, alongside case study evaluations. 

Join with those who rely upon LAMP™ on a daily basis. Join with families whose lives have been transformed via LAMP™. 

Date Price Location Registration
13th & 14th March 2023

Early Bird Professionals: $490

Early Bird AGOSCI: $470

Parent/ Carer: $390

Early Bird closes 31st January 2023

Novotel Parramatta

350 Church Street Parramatta  NSW 2150

For more information and to register CLICK HERE.


LAMP Words for Life - Online Training 

Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) is a therapeutic approach based on neurological and motor learning principles. The goal is to provide individuals a method of independently and spontaneously expressing themselves in any setting. The LAMP approach can be used with both Unity® & Words for Life. 

Training Events


Location Date   Price More Information

LAMP December


Attendance at all 3 sessions is required

December 1st, 8th & 15th

12:00pm - 2:00pm

Sydney Time

$190 Register HERE

LAMP Words for Life In-Person Training


Location Date   Price More Information


Assessment Clinic


Location Date   Price More Information

Sydney Assessment Clinic

Liberator Pty Ltd

Level 4/2 Holden Street Ashfield NSW 2131

Via Bookings

$193.99 per hour.

NDIS funds can be used to purchase this service.

For more information or to register contact Morgan Threlfall

0404 427 880 or [email protected]


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