Please find below a comprehensive list of resources that you are free to download. If you have any questions about these resources please contact your State Consultant found here.




Product Guide

Trial Handbook

Unity & LAMP Words for Life - Choosing a device


Representing Language

Comparison of Language Representation Methods

Language Representation- Comparison Chart 

Normal Language Development  AAC - Gail Van Tatenhove 2016

Vocabulary Options 

Unity Vocabulary Manual

Unity - A Systematic Language Solution 

Chat Vocabularies

LAMP WFL Low-Tech Board

LAMP WFL Vision Impairment Article

Core & Fringe Vocabulary

Core and Fringe Vocabulary

Core Word Lists

Gail Van Tatenhove 300 Word Starter List

TEMPLATE- Core Words Planner 


John Halloran - Minspeak & Unity

What's important in AAC

Minspeak Icon Introduction

Advantages of using Minspeak


Low-Tech & High-Tech

High-Tech & Low Tech 

Explore AAC- for people who are new to AAC 

Myths AAC & LAMP frequently asked questions
Data Logging & Analysis Realize Language Starter Guide
Goal Setting Goal Setting
Assessment & Evaluation

Data Collection Template


Gaining trial feedback from device user- self rating scale example 

Interest Inventory Template 


Core Vocabulary Activities

AAC Language Lab Target Vocabulary Lists & Lessons

AAC Language Lab - Language stages

AAC Langugae Lab - Morphology stages

Do's and Don't's of AAC Implementation

Language is more than requesting

What is LAMP?

TEMPLATE- Choosing Personalised Vocabulary

AAC Scripting - Example

Saltillo- Chat Corner 

Hands on Tools & Strategies for Enhancing Collaborative AAC Support Teams 

Therapy Tub Activity Ideas



Parent Guides

Choosing an AAC Device for Your Child - Parent guide

Getting Started with AAC - Parent guide

Your Childs AAC Device - Parent Guide

Technology Solutions for Adults

Understanding the Stages of Language Development

Aided Language Stimulation – Top Tips for Communication Partners.



Funding Information

NDIS Decision Review Process

Tips for writing NDIS AT reports

Legacy Vocabulary files








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